The first day of the 2009 Seal Beach surf championships was held today.  There were more than 100 competitors.

The Register has an article on today.  You can read it at

We posted last month that these championships would be help in January.  I guess I forgot to update that but one of my friends told me today that the dates of this even are January 17 – 18.  That’s this weekend. 

This link from the OC Register will tell you more.  Go to


There are signs at Seal Beach Blvd and PCH announcing that Seal Beach Surfing Championships are coming.  The event is hosted by the Seal Beach Lifeguard Association in association with the Katin Surf Shop. 

Proceeds from the event are donated to various local charities. In 2009, most of the fundraising will be donated to the MaGaugh Special Education program and the Surfrider Foundation.