The Seal Beach Lions is having their annual fish fry at the pier this weekend.  It is a lot of fun.  They  have a 50/50 drawing and give away a bunch of prizes the grand prize is a car.  There will also be really great music.  It is going to be hot this weekend, but it is always so nice at Seal Beach when it is hot inland.  See you there.

We’ve seen Main Street add ethnic restaurants recently (Vietnamese, Thai) and now we are getting Sushi.  The former Sweet Berry Bliss is undergoing a transformation that will result Waki Sushi.  According to my friends, Waki Sushi is a “fast food” style food establishment.  The sushi is satisfactory elsewhere so it something that we should all look forward to.

The restaurant won’t open for approximately three months (October time frame).

In related news, the city council capped the number of alcohol permits to 23.  Waki Sushi is number 22 and Pho Basil Leaf is expected to be number 23.

Did you get the pun? If you didn’t it’s “try the Thai on Main.”

I’ve been just busy enough that I didn’t even notice that the new Thai restaurant at 117 Main Street opened several days ago.

I checked out the reviews on Yelp ( and found four reviews.  If I can summarize what I read, the reviewers found the restaurant to be serving great food, clean facility (of course, it just opened), but a little slow on the service.

Sounds if you have time, might be a great place to dine.

Pho Basil Leaf, the long-awaited Vietnamese restaurant on Main Street, finally opened last night.  Here’s a contributed posting from a friend who enjoyed lunch there today and posted a review at

“This is the brand new Vietnamese restaurant right on Main Street in Seal Beach.  It brings additional cultural flavor (no pun intended) to the neighborhood.  After you’ve enjoyed the Irish pubs, fish and chips, burritos, Italian deli, and steak, Pho (pronounced like “fa” as in “ma loves fa”).

The service was friendly and attentive in a smaller dining area.  There is sufficient room for about 12 tables.  I have been craving pho for some time now and I was not disappointed.  I ordered the beef pho and it was delicious.  

Since it only opened last night, there was a lot of local curiousity about the restaurant.  All of the tables were occupied when we walked in shortly after 12:30pm.  Hopefully this restaurant will be here a long time.

How does it compare to other Pho restaurants?  We used to enjoy An’s in Sunset Beach ( it unfortunately closed in 2008 ) and Basil Leaf is comparable.  We’ve tried several Pho places in the Westminster area and I would say this one was better than what I’ve experienced there.  For me it is difficult to rate a Pho restaurant because noodles are noodles and there’s not a lot of variation.  The beef was of good quality and the broth was tasty so I am giving Basil Leaf  the four stars.”

— contributed

P.S. There were a number of passersby that looked at the menu posted on the store window.  I think people will enjoy this restaurant.

An out-of-town friend was walking Main Street on Saturday and reported that she saw a new restaurant coming soon to Old Town.  It is a Pho restaurant.  If you’ve never had a Vietnamese noodle meal (roughly comparable to the Japanese udon and Hawaiian saiman) then you have a treat to look forward to.  Steaming noodles, especially in cooler weather, is a great meal.

We had a Vietnamese restaurant in Sunset Beach but that closed around four months ago. 

Anyone know when this restuarant will open?

Contributed article

I’ve always wanted to rank the eating establishments in Old Town Seal Beach except I could never find a way to do so without going broke or looking like Alfred Hitchcock’s profile. 

I decided to use YELP (  I used the number of reviews of the Old Town eating establishments.  I multiplied that number by the average rating to come up with the total points (rounded).

So here are the top 10 Old Town restaurants (based on data from YELP).

328 Koi Sushi Restaurants (82 reviews, average 4.0)

308 Beachwood BBQ (77 reviews, average 4.0) 

270 Nick’s Deli (60 reviews, average 4.5) 

184 Walt’s Wharf (46 reviews, average 4.0) 

156 Mahe (39 reviews, average 4.0) 

108 Slice of New York Pizza (24 reviews, average 4.5) 

84 O’Malley’s On Main (24 reviews, average 3.5) 

76 Rivers End (19 reviews, average 4.0) 

70 Angelo’s Italian Deli (14 reviews, average 5.0) 

52 Ruby’s (15 reviews, average 3.5) 

Using the number of reviews is a fair way to build this list.  Why don’t you try to establish your own list?  After you do, you can submit it along with a photo of your profile.

Thanks, Pat, for letting me submit this list to your blog.  And I know your website is where you also show lots of other interesting information about Seal Beach, especially the Old Town area.