I found this book at the Seal Beach Library  that had some real interesting facts about Seal Beach.

Did you know in 1900 there were no permanent residents in Seal Beach mostly vacationers, there were only tents on the beach no houses.

Phillip Stanton “Father of Seal Beach” purchased a section of the coastal land between Anaheim Landing & San Gabriel River from the Hellman Rancho & Bixby Ranch and called it Bay City.  He hired the Bay City Land Company to sell real estate in “Bay City” Seal Beach.

He sold a plot of land to John C. Ord in 1901 who moved his building by mule from Los Alamitos to Main & Electric, the south west corner.  He was the first permanent resident in Bay City.  Ord was also the 1st Judge, Postmaster, trustee and Mayor.  Ord also owned a house on the corner of 10th and central which has just been torn down and a new home is being built.  He died in 1943 at the age of 94.

The name was changed from Bay City to Seal Beach because the mail kept going to San Francisco, which was also called Bay City at the time.