map of Seal Beach

map of Seal Beach

Here is some information on Old Town in Seal Beach regarding lot size and location.  Old Town is South of Pacific Coast Highway, West of Seal Beach Blvd and East of 1st Street.  It is a mix of Residential, Residential Income and Commercial Properties.   Lot sizes vary, but some averages may be quoted.  The average long lot is 25 X 117.5.  Ocean Avenue lots on the street side area are approximately 25 X 110′.  Lots on the east side of Electric Avenue are about 25 X 100 for 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th.  There are 30′ and 35′ wide lots on Seal Way and they are less than 100′ long.  37.5′ wide lots may constitute a lot and a half depending on the length.  On a 37.5″ lot the part of building you might be able to build higher than the 25′ limit.  Please consult with the Planning Department.

They are making another episode of Dexter on Mothers Beach this morning in Long Beach.  I have watched this show a few times and I think it is scary.  I had a friend tell me that her daughter really likes it and tries to follow where they a filming.  I hope she see this.  Let me know what you think of Dexter?

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Wow! The wind was really blowing in Seal Beach today. Almost blew me off the pier.  It’s been quite windy lately in Old Town.  I’m sure the wind borders love it.

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