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map of Seal Beach

map of Seal Beach

Here is some information on Old Town in Seal Beach regarding lot size and location.  Old Town is South of Pacific Coast Highway, West of Seal Beach Blvd and East of 1st Street.  It is a mix of Residential, Residential Income and Commercial Properties.   Lot sizes vary, but some averages may be quoted.  The average long lot is 25 X 117.5.  Ocean Avenue lots on the street side area are approximately 25 X 110′.  Lots on the east side of Electric Avenue are about 25 X 100 for 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th.  There are 30′ and 35′ wide lots on Seal Way and they are less than 100′ long.  37.5′ wide lots may constitute a lot and a half depending on the length.  On a 37.5″ lot the part of building you might be able to build higher than the 25′ limit.  Please consult with the Planning Department.

The strandI have many of my clients asking me if it is a good time to buy or sell real estate today in Seal Beach. I always tell them if you don’t have to sell don’t, but if you do have to sell it is a great time. There are not to many properties on the market in Seal Beach right now or any where else for that matter. There are a lot of buyers out there trying to purchase to get the lower interest rates. As a mater of fact I have not seen interest rates this low ever since I started in Real Estate in 1979..

I would say sell,  especially if you have a unusual property, or you just really need to sell;   it is the best time to sell and there are multiple offers on almost everything.

If you need a “Free Market Evaluation” please give me a call.  I have sold a few homes this year with out even using the multiple listing service.  So if you want to sell confidentially let me help you.

Long Beach the Aquatic Capitol of America

Who Knew

I love to walk. Here is one of my favorites walks in Long Beach, it is under 5 miles and you can see a lot. Did you know that Long Beach is the “Aquatic Capitol of America”? I didn’t know that until they put up these signs in Marine Stadium.

I start in Marina Pacifica, since this is where I live. It is like living in a Resort. I walk over Second Street bridge through Mother’s Beach past Marine Stadium past Spinaker Bay through Jack Nicholson Park over the bridge on Pacific Coast HWY, through Marina Pacifica Mall and back home. It takes almost an hour but it is so beautiful it seems a lot faster. Let me know if you try it?

“See if you qualify!”
3% Government Grant “Does not have to be repaid”UP TO $12,500 TO BE USED FOR DOWN PAYMENT OR CLOSING COST!

Maximum Income Limits
Los Angeles County $84,480
Orange County $101,040
Riverside County $84,480
San Bernardino $84,480
Fico Scores must be 640 and above
FHA or VA Loan Limits of $417,000
Owner Occupied Single Family Residence

“I just sold a home with the seller paying the closing cost and my buyer only has to pay $2000.00 on a $320,000 purchase on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, pool home in La Mirada. His payment is going to be $2363.00 and that includes: principal interest, taxes, insurance, and mortgage insurance.”

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