After watching the news lately it got me wondering. Isn’t Arco is owned by B.P. Look how long it is taking them to get the leakage problem solved in Bridgeport here in Seal Beach. YEARS!! Still not complete. I hope they get it cleaned up soon.

Is anyone else is wondering why we are leasing off shore oil rigs to foreign countries, let me know? I am wondering why B.P. would care about what they do to our land here in the United States. They are just trying to make money. I hear that most of our off shore oil rigs are owned by foreign countries. I also heard it is mainly because our restrictions are not as harsh as in other countries. I wonder why not? I understand that the oil rigs off of Seal Beach are also owned by a foreign country. Could the same thing happen here to us? What a mess it would be if we have a problem with one of our off shore rigs owned by another country.

Why isn’t there more fuss about foreign countries owning leases of off shore oil rigs in the United States as there is with the public who is against adding new off shore drilling to the United States? Do they know that most of the off shore oil rigs are owned by foreign countries?

Does anyone out there know what is going on with all of this???? Let me know?