Wow! The wind was really blowing in Seal Beach today. Almost blew me off the pier.  It’s been quite windy lately in Old Town.  I’m sure the wind borders love it.

Have a nice day!
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Come and enjoy the day at the Seal Beach car show. I love to walk up main street and look at all of the vintage cars. I am even sponsoring a trophy this year for best modified 55-57. There will be music, food and fun all day and I think it is one of the best times in town. I’m sure I will see you there.

Great cars

Just one of the great cars at the show

classic car show


We do have the best sunsets


We’ve seen Main Street add ethnic restaurants recently (Vietnamese, Thai) and now we are getting Sushi.  The former Sweet Berry Bliss is undergoing a transformation that will result Waki Sushi.  According to my friends, Waki Sushi is a “fast food” style food establishment.  The sushi is satisfactory elsewhere so it something that we should all look forward to.

The restaurant won’t open for approximately three months (October time frame).

In related news, the city council capped the number of alcohol permits to 23.  Waki Sushi is number 22 and Pho Basil Leaf is expected to be number 23.

If you haven’t visited Seal Beach before, let me just mention that Main Street from PCH to the pier is the business and shopping center of town.  As we’ve mentioned it has a nice charming all American feel about it.

We’ve got a lot of restaurants (very good ones, I might add) and stores for you to visit (sea shells, bikinis, music store, Hawaii store, beachy knick-knacks, etc).

To enable you to get a preview, I have a map with some of the stores highlighted for you.  Visit my website at and click on “Beach maps”.  It’ll take a moment to load and it will zero right in on our charming Main Street.  Our offices are marked, too — Seaside Brokers.   While you’re at my website, you can also click on “contact me” if you’d like to get more information about the area’s real estate.

Stop by and visit.