For those of you who want more information on Sunday’s (Oct 12) running of the Long Beach marathon, here are a couple of sites to check out. 

At they have an “event” regarding the marathon.

The official marathon website is at

Some activites start on Friday October 10.  Check the websites to find out more.

Shoreline Village will be the place for the Long Beach marathon, half-marathon, 5K, and kids race (the website says 1 MILE but it may be a 1K like other similar races).  The course itself will make this a desirable race – undoubtedly the most beautiful big city marathon.

Mark October 12, 2008 at 6 am on your calendar.  Check out their website at and what else the marathon has to offer.

This race is a part of the California Dreamin’ series.  If you run all three marathons in HB, LB, and SF you get a medal in the shape of California and a California Dreamin’ Finisher’s Jacket.