I have been in real estate over 30 years and haven’t seen anything like this market.  If you are a first time buyer and buying a home in the $300,000 to $350,000 range, be ready for five to ten offers on just about everything in the Long Beach, Lakewood and Garden Grove areas.  I am so surprised that everything is moving quick in that price range.  I see higher prices sitting on the market for  longer, even though there have been  a few properties in Seal Beach that went for over 1 mil with several offers on them also.  I guess if you see a home you really like you better buy it before someone else does.  You will probably live in your home for such a long time this kind of market will not matter in the long run.  This happens every ten years or so.  I paid $10,000 for my first house in 1970.  I though it was a lot of money at that time.