The strandI have many of my clients asking me if it is a good time to buy or sell real estate today in Seal Beach. I always tell them if you don’t have to sell don’t, but if you do have to sell it is a great time. There are not to many properties on the market in Seal Beach right now or any where else for that matter. There are a lot of buyers out there trying to purchase to get the lower interest rates. As a mater of fact I have not seen interest rates this low ever since I started in Real Estate in 1979..

I would say sell,  especially if you have a unusual property, or you just really need to sell;   it is the best time to sell and there are multiple offers on almost everything.

If you need a “Free Market Evaluation” please give me a call.  I have sold a few homes this year with out even using the multiple listing service.  So if you want to sell confidentially let me help you.

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photo 120110 002

Real Estate Market Today

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years! Do you want to know what is happening in the Real Estate Market in December 2012.   Click on this link to find out:   Please give me a call and let me know if I can be of any help to you for any of your Real Estate needs.

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a head’s up on a hot tip.
Call the number below from your cell phone if you want to save time, money and hassles.

REMEMBER: Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month.
REMINDER….. all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.


To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.
It is the National DO NOT CALL list It will only take a minute of your time.. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON .. It takes about 20 seconds.

Please forward to family and friends.

Wow!! We have been having the weirdest weather in Seal Beach and all of California lately. I have lived here all of my life and never saw anything like this. Look at the picture I got from Gretchen at Bogart’s Coffee Shop in Seal Beach the other day. Her boyfriend took it off the Huntington Beach Pier. That’s scary. We never see this kind of weather. I guess a car even got blown over in Sunset Beach. We have been getting so much rain here that the Board Walk is flooding from the sidewalk side. I can’t wait to see the sun again.

Hi Everyone, Sorry I don’t have the picture anymore.  Claude F. Paris made me remove it. You can call him at 714-337-2318 if you want a copy.


First Time Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program

The program is designed to assist Low to Moderate Income Eligible Households who, based on institutional underwriting criteria, are unable to qualify for and/or afford to purchase a home and make the necessary mortgage payments without financial assistance.

Qualifying properties must be single family homes, condominiums, or townhomes located within the city of Huntington Beach and purchased for owner occupancy at an Affordable Housing Cost. The Program is funded by the Huntington Beach Redevelopment Agency through its low and moderate income housing fund and the Federal Government’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds.

Criteria Includes:
Participating homebuyers must qualify for a “First Trust Deed Loan”; a fixed rate level payment , 30 year first mortgage loan with an institutional lender approved by the Affordable Clearinghouse.

The maximum loan amount will not exceed $100,000. Limits are:
$50,000 for 1 bedroom
$75,000 for 2 bedrooms
$100,000 for 3 bedrooms

Minimum underwriting criteria include:
No minimum credit score
No credit accounts past due at time loan is recorded
No outstanding unpaid judgments or involuntary liens
No bankruptcies

-Applicant must be a low to moderate income household, in which the households total combined gross household income cannot exceed one hundred twenty percent (120%) of area median income for Orange County.

-Priority for current Huntington Beach residents or persons employed with a business located in the City.

Year Percentage of Equity Share Should Homeowner Sell . . .
Years 1-7 100%
Years 8-12 75%
Years 13-17 50%
Years 18-22 25%
Years 23-30 10%
30 + Equity Share and Interest Eliminated

-Zero percent interest rate for Down Payment Loan per Fannie Mae Guidelines for Community seconds . No deed restriction on property due to equity share payment.

-Refinancing with approval of Program Director. No cash out unless participant agrees to pay off Agency loan.

How to Participate:
• Affordable Housing Clearinghouse has been selected to be the Down Payment Assistance Program administrators. For more information contact them at:
Affordable Housing Clearinghouse
23861 El Toro Road, Suite 401
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Phone (949) 859-9255

For further information on this new program you may contact –
Sidney Stone
Housing Manager/City of Huntington Beach
(714) 536-5901

Last week, contrary to the desires of Sunset Beach residents, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) voted to put Sunset Beach under the “sphere of influence” of Huntington Beach. This makes it more likely that the unincorporated community would be annexed by Huntington Beach.

On Monday of this week, the Seal Beach City Council directed city staff to come back at their next meeting with a report on annexation of Sunset Beach.

The residents want to remain just as they are, but this appears unlikely.

Greg Griffin, president of the Sunset Beach Community Association, said “100 percent of the people here don’t want to be annexed by anybody. When I asked if your back was to the wall and you had to pick between Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, 9 out of 10 people who made a choice, picked Seal Beach. Even though that data was presented to LAFCO, they still put us in the sphere of Huntington Beach.”

Stay tuned.

This post takes us a bit inland to the Bella Terra shopping mall in Huntington Beach.  It’s a nice dinner spot with a number of quality choices ( Cheesecake Factory, Macaroni Grill, Pei Wei — need I say more ).  They have a small “ampitheater” near the movie theaters where they host live musical entertainment (probably just a summer thing).  I recall being entertained by an Hawaiian music group a year or so ago.

Tonight it was two groups of mostly teenagers entertaining us with jazz and then with rock.  Both groups were from the The Music Factor which I understand is a three week summer workshop focusing on music. 

We saw only the tail end of the jazz ensemble but were impressed with their performance.  A couple good sax players and an outstanding drummer made me feel comfortable that in the years to come I’ll still be able to listen to good jazz performances.

The rock ensemble featured typical guitars, drummers, and a singer.  The had a good lead performer, especially for his age.  Each of the guitarists had a chance to be featured in a solo.  The drummers were notable because I don’t think I’ve ever heard a team of young drummers keep in synch so well.  I was impressed.

Keep up the good work, Music Factor!  Good for the kids and great for the future of music.

The U.S. Open of Surfing begain its 15th year of competition on Friday, July 18.  The 10-day event is being held south of the Huntington Beach pier and concludes on July 27.  The surfing event is expected to draw over 500 athletes worldwide from 28 countries.  Surfing competition will include mens’ and womens’ pro and junior divisions, plus longboarding.

In addition to the surfing championship, there will be an array of sports activities, including skateboarding and BMX competitions. 

Nearby, the 2008 induction ceremony to the Surfers’ Hall of Fame will take place on July 25 in front of the Huntington Surf & Sport.  The Huntington Beach Walk of Fame (2008 unveling) will take place on July 24 in front of Jack’s Surfboards.

A local newspaper, the Huntington Beach Independent, will post updates throughout the event and the schedules on their website.  Visit