I have been doing some research about the pier in Seal Beach.  The First Pier was built-in 1906 and was 6 feet wide and 1865 feet in length and was the longest pier south of San Francisco.

In 1915 no one was allowed at the end of the pier because there was a high voltage light show at the end of the pier.

In 1935 a storm broke the pier in half and they had to use Bosun’s chair by the Coast Guard to get the people off the end.  Because of the great depression the pier wasn’t repaired until 1939.

In 1983 120 ft of the Pier was destroyed by a storm and the residents of Seal Beach raised $130,000 to repair the pier.  The is when Slick the Seal took up residence after the pier was repaired.

In 1992 a short in the electrical wiring under the pier resulted in severe fire damage.  Because of potential fire danger the city council prohibited smoking on the pier.

I found this old picture of what the pier looked like in the 1920’s.  It is a lot different now.  One of my favorite things to do in Seal Beach is to take a walk on the pier and watch the sunset. old pictures of Seal Beach4 big