This year’s car show and motorcycle show is on April 30, 2016.  It is one of my favorite events in Seal Beach.  There are bands, raffle tickets, food and of course cars and motorcycles.  Hope to see you there.  This is a great show.

The car show in Seal Beach was a great success in 2013. This Chevy is the car that I sponsored a trophy for “Best modified 1955-1957” .  What a fantastic Car.  It was such a fun day.  The weather was perfect, there was music and great food.

Come and enjoy the day at the Seal Beach car show. I love to walk up main street and look at all of the vintage cars. I am even sponsoring a trophy this year for best modified 55-57. There will be music, food and fun all day and I think it is one of the best times in town. I’m sure I will see you there.

Great cars

Just one of the great cars at the show

classic car show


We do have the best sunsets


Just on of the great cars at the show

The Seal Beach car show is always great fun. They have it all: lots of classic cars, food, music and great weather. The car show was another great success.

What a great day, lots of cars, music, food and fun for all.

Fun on Main Street

Fun on Main Street

The car show is well underway and crowded.  I wish I could estimate the crowds but unfortunately I cannot.  I can tell you it was difficult walking down Main Street.  There was pedestrian gridlock from people just stopping to admire the many vehicles on display.

There was music scheduled at three bandstands up and down Main Street.

It’s not even 7:30 am yet, but there are reports already of many cars entering Seal Beach.  These reports describe them as vintage and most with throaty sounds – in other words, with lots of muscle.  They’ve been seen as early as 6 am.

Today’s the Seal Beach Classic Car Show.  See you on Main Street.  Have fun!

Stop by and visit me.  We have some nice homes in the area that are available so next year you can walk to town.  Seaside Brokers.  Pat Hale.

The time is coming for us to enjoy the days of the muscle cars and other classics of our automotive past.  Mark this date April 25 on your calendar.  The Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce is hosting the 22nd annual Classic Car Show.

Do you remember …

Little GTO. She’s really doing fine.  3 deuces and a 4 speed and a 389.

I’m sure you’ll see the GTO and a lot more.  These cars are part of our heritage – accompanied by the many songs written about them.

Respond back with your favorite car song.

And when you’re in Seal Beach, stop by and visit me.

Saturday, the 26th, was the 21st annual running of the Seal Beach Classic Car show.  As expected, things started early.  By 7am, the cars were lined up on Seal Beach Blvd north of Electric.  As the signal turned green, several more cars crossed PCH to get in line.

There were about 500 entries for this show and it looked like they were all there.  The oldest car that I noted was a 1940 Ford truck, but I saw others that looked older but I am not sure.

Will try to report more another time.

April 26 will be the 21st annual classic car show here in Seal Beach.  It’s always an exciting event to see these exciting vintage autos – especially the muscle cars from the 60’s.  For locals, it’s just a walk of couple of blocks to Main Street to see these classics.  And it all fits.  What was the “coming of age” movie set in the 60’s that included a scene of Main Street?  American Graffiti – right?

There is also a Pinewood Derby held as part of the day’s festivities. 

Look me up on the 26th.  I’m right on Main Street.

Seal Beach real estate does have its advantages.