Monday, March 28th, 2016

Sorry, they took out the link regarding the information about the work being done on the 405-605-22-freeways.  This is the first time that ever happened to me since I started this blog.  Guess I’ll have to watch what I put in here.

This interchanges on these freeways are so bad since they finally finished working on them after all those years.  I guess they’re going to start to redo what they messed up. They say this is the worst freeway in the United States. I believe it. I try how ever I can to go around these freeways by taking Westminster or Seal Beach Blvd.

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There are many programs available offered at all levels of government. CAR’s down payment resource is a web tool access it from any browser it summarizes all the programs available in a particular real estate area.

To use it fill in the details not just where you,re house shopping (either your specific address or a broader search area by city or county) but also details about the target price, income level, and special circumstances. For example, there are several different programs for educators, veterans, Native Americans, military survivors, and much more. Your search will quickly return a list of all the programs you might qualify for, with a plain English summary and links for more information.

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