April 2014

Did anyone else out there get ripped off with all the changes in their health insurance? I got charged for $1700 my first month of coverage, because the web site is such a mess.  When I finally got it straightened out, only by having SKS Insurance call Anthem, my medical insurance went from $300.00 a month to almost $500.00 per month over 200.00 a month more.  My deductible went up to $6700 a year from $2700 a year, but now I’m only covered for 60% instead of 80% of all my medical. I also have maternity coverage which I will never use since I have grandkids and pediatric dental which I will never use either.  I was on the phone with Anthem for over 5 hours trying to get this straight and was told by Anthem, “the guy literally laughed and said they didn’t know what was going on either” and to call back.  Who has this help?   Please let me know if your insurance coverage is better or worse like mine.  I am really curious.

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