Yes, the berm is back.  Every year around November until April we have a big wall of sand south of the Seal Beach pier. 

Berm at Seal Beach

Berm at Seal Beach

 We need the berm to protect the beachfront homes from flooding when we have winter storms that cause big swells, big tides and big rain. 

The wall of sand is about 15 feet high and cost approximately $150,000 to build.

There is only one property for sale with a view of the berm on Seal Way and it is listed for sale just under 2 million.  There is however two properties for sale on the Gold Coast, which is located on the other side of the pier for just over 4 million.  If you would like to see either of these homes please feel free to  give me a call for an appointment at 562-773-3919.