November 2008

An out-of-town friend was walking Main Street on Saturday and reported that she saw a new restaurant coming soon to Old Town.  It is a Pho restaurant.  If you’ve never had a Vietnamese noodle meal (roughly comparable to the Japanese udon and Hawaiian saiman) then you have a treat to look forward to.  Steaming noodles, especially in cooler weather, is a great meal.

We had a Vietnamese restaurant in Sunset Beach but that closed around four months ago. 

Anyone know when this restuarant will open?

According to, October sales in the Southland were up almost 5% from September and up more than 65% from one year ago. Here are some statistics for our local area.

In Seal Beach the median sales price was $740K, down 21.9% from one year ago. The average per square foot was $387 (an unusually low figure).

For comparison purposes, in the Belmont Shore (we used zip code 90803) the median sales price was $933K, up 3.0% from one year ago. The average per square foot was $563.

To see a list of available homes in Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Belmont Shore, and the general area be sure to visit my website at

First Community project for the Blue Art Club a nonprofit community at center, will be Main street Candyland in Seal Beach and 2nd Street Candyland in Long Beach.  Businesses buy 3 tickets at $10 each to sponsor a child to build a tiny candy replica of their business storefront.  After the candy replica is built, it will be dropped off on December 21 at 5:00 P.M. at the Oakwood Party Room.  The finalists become part of Candyland history, on display at Old Town Gallery.  The Artists win gifts and prizes.  If you have any questions you can go to or call 562-353-9304.

The National Weather Service issued a warning to low-laying coastal areas in Orange County that flooding to beachfront homes could take place with Saturday morning’s high-tide conditions.  The advisory will remain until 11am.

The advisory specifcally mentioned Seal Beach and Sunset Beach.

Local residents will remember that a similar advisory was issued about a year ago.  Beyond a little anticipation, nothing much took place.

Yes, the berm is back.  Every year around November until April we have a big wall of sand south of the Seal Beach pier. 

Berm at Seal Beach

Berm at Seal Beach

 We need the berm to protect the beachfront homes from flooding when we have winter storms that cause big swells, big tides and big rain. 

The wall of sand is about 15 feet high and cost approximately $150,000 to build.

There is only one property for sale with a view of the berm on Seal Way and it is listed for sale just under 2 million.  There is however two properties for sale on the Gold Coast, which is located on the other side of the pier for just over 4 million.  If you would like to see either of these homes please feel free to  give me a call for an appointment at 562-773-3919.

The Seal Beach animal Care Center needs volunteers.  If you want to help care for the lost and abandoned animals of Seal Beach, please volunteer.  They are located at 1700 Adolfo Lopez Dr. in Seal Beach over by the Police Station.  To find out more information they have a web site at

This years Turkey Trot is going to be on Thursday, November 27, at the Belmont Olympic Pool at 1 Bennett Ave. in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach.  The cost to participate is $15 – $35, which includes an official race T-shirt and refreshments.   For more information please e-mail or call 562-439-3316.