Contributed article

I’ve always wanted to rank the eating establishments in Old Town Seal Beach except I could never find a way to do so without going broke or looking like Alfred Hitchcock’s profile. 

I decided to use YELP (  I used the number of reviews of the Old Town eating establishments.  I multiplied that number by the average rating to come up with the total points (rounded).

So here are the top 10 Old Town restaurants (based on data from YELP).

328 Koi Sushi Restaurants (82 reviews, average 4.0)

308 Beachwood BBQ (77 reviews, average 4.0) 

270 Nick’s Deli (60 reviews, average 4.5) 

184 Walt’s Wharf (46 reviews, average 4.0) 

156 Mahe (39 reviews, average 4.0) 

108 Slice of New York Pizza (24 reviews, average 4.5) 

84 O’Malley’s On Main (24 reviews, average 3.5) 

76 Rivers End (19 reviews, average 4.0) 

70 Angelo’s Italian Deli (14 reviews, average 5.0) 

52 Ruby’s (15 reviews, average 3.5) 

Using the number of reviews is a fair way to build this list.  Why don’t you try to establish your own list?  After you do, you can submit it along with a photo of your profile.

Thanks, Pat, for letting me submit this list to your blog.  And I know your website is where you also show lots of other interesting information about Seal Beach, especially the Old Town area.