Thursday, October 9th, 2008

After all of the bad publicity regarding the housing industry, I decided I was curious about home pricing in the Seal Beach area of Old Town over the past 10 years.  So, I did some research myself with the help of the Tempo System, the system most realtors use in Southern Calilfornia since July of 1998.  This is what I found out.


YEAR            #UNITS SOLD             LOW PRICE                     HIGH PRICE

2008              40                             $673,000                     $5,500,000 

2007              52                             $786,000                     $8,000,000  

2006              68                             $795,000                     $5,200,000

2005              82                              $556,000                    $4,000,000  

2004              74                              $470,000                    $3,500,000

2003              74                              $549,000                    $4,300,000

2002              74                               $350,000                  $1,575,000

2001              59                              $350,000                   $1,700,000

2000              64                              $255,000                   $3,800,000

1999             101                             $250,000                  $2,071,173

1998              27                              $279,000                   $650,000

Looks like there is never too much activity in Seal Beach Old Town.  By the prices everyone should of bought in 1999.  But if you didn’t maybe you should buy now.  Give me a call so I can e-mail you free the most current activity in Old Town Seal Beach, Belmont Shores, Naples or Huntington Beach.

Thank you to all of the local charities and sponsors of community events.   Since I opened my own office, I am approached almost daily by one or the other, so I am extending an offer of donation.

As I do with all of my friends and clients, from any joint real estate transaction or referral  of a client for a purchase or listing, upon the successful closing, I will be happy to donate 10% of my gross commission to your Foundation or local event.

I look forward to serving you and your friends along with helping your charities and events.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at any time.


Pat Hale  (562)773-3919