Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I just wanted to remind everyone that there are only two more concerts in the 2008 Seal Beach summer concert series.  if you enjoy classic rock and surf sounds, then these two shows will be for you!

Westways is published by the Auto Club.  Those living in Southern California got their July/August issue with a nice article about “day tripping” in Central California.  A friend living in Texas said that their edition of Westways had a “day tripping” article about Seal Beach.  Isn’t that strange?  How do you day trip to Seal Beach when you live in Texas?

The focus of that article is on the Old Town district.  It highlighted a couple of shops (Endless Summer, Brita’s Old Town Gardens, Old Vintage Cottage, and Knock Knock), restaurants (Walt’s Wharf and Beachwood BBQ), and of course the Seal Beach Pier (with its playground) and the Bay Theatre.

If you notice any Texas cowboys in town, you’ll know why.