July 2008

My webmaster recently pointed out that the property search that is available on my website, www.pathaleonline.com, allows visitors to select the geographic area of a search based on a map.  You just “draw” the perimeter of the search.  You click on the starting pointing, then click else to include an area, then click on the next area, etc.  Not only can you click on a rectangular area, but you can make this an irregular shape.

Try it out.  There are instructions on my home page to do this.

Today’s news was filled with reports that southland foreclosures were up 33% in June over last June (2007).  That’s depressing.

The Los Angeles Times reported that in Q2/2008, there were 4 foreclosures in Seal Beach versus 0 foreclosures for the same period in 2007.

The third concert in this series of six concerts was enjoyed by a large crowd in Seal Beach this evening.  The Regular Guys played with gusto – even inviting the event organizer to join them for the closing song of the first set.  I would guess that the crowd was larger tonight than for the earlier two concerts.

The chamber hasn’t announced any attendance that I’m aware of, but with the cool coastal breeze in the evening, it’s no wonder that folks enjoy the park setting, eating their meals while being entertained.  During the break (I never win raffles anyway), I walked across the street to Bogarts (one of the coffee houses in town).

I’m already looking forward to the remaining concerts in this year’s series.  Next week will be rockabilly and blues, then classic rock, then surf to conclude the series.

There was an earthquake today centered near Chino Hills, about 40 miles from the Seal Beach area.  It was measured to be 5.4.  The quake was felt over a large area of the southland – Las Vegas and San Diego included.

Everyone that I spoke with said they felt the initial shock followed by rolling for another 15 to 20 seconds.  Everyone seemed to be shaken (no pun intended) but doing well.

However, there are some reports of damage and precautionary closures.  A number of grocery stores and at least one WalMart were closed while the aisles were cleared of items falling from shelves.  There was an electrical fire at the theater at Main Place Mall in Orange.  We heard there was minor structural damage at the fire station in Seal Beach.

Let us know what you hear.

This post takes us a bit inland to the Bella Terra shopping mall in Huntington Beach.  It’s a nice dinner spot with a number of quality choices ( Cheesecake Factory, Macaroni Grill, Pei Wei — need I say more ).  They have a small “ampitheater” near the movie theaters where they host live musical entertainment (probably just a summer thing).  I recall being entertained by an Hawaiian music group a year or so ago.

Tonight it was two groups of mostly teenagers entertaining us with jazz and then with rock.  Both groups were from the The Music Factor which I understand is a three week summer workshop focusing on music. 

We saw only the tail end of the jazz ensemble but were impressed with their performance.  A couple good sax players and an outstanding drummer made me feel comfortable that in the years to come I’ll still be able to listen to good jazz performances.

The rock ensemble featured typical guitars, drummers, and a singer.  The had a good lead performer, especially for his age.  Each of the guitarists had a chance to be featured in a solo.  The drummers were notable because I don’t think I’ve ever heard a team of young drummers keep in synch so well.  I was impressed.

Keep up the good work, Music Factor!  Good for the kids and great for the future of music.


Tonight’s concert was just fabulous!  The Kelly Fitzgerald Group kept the audience excited on a cool breezy Seal Beach evening.  Their renditions of Maggie May, Me and Bobbie McGee, and Have You Ever Seen the Rain? were outstanding!  Kelly Fitzgerld is a powerful performer in her own right and the band did a good job on the guitar, bass, and drums.

The smoothie from the nearby shop helped, too.

Anonymous contributor

p.s. Go to www.kellyfitzgerald.net to see Kelly’s website, including her upcoming venues.  Pls add your comment if you’d like. — Pat

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