April 2008

I heard that the band, Almost Amy, performed at the Spaghettini Italian Grill Jazz Club on Sunday.  You may recognize the band members Mark Ballas and Derek Hough because they are both currently performing on “Dancing with the Stars”.  Kristi Yamaguchi (the former ice skate champion and currently dancing with Ballas on “Dancing”)  was in the audience along with her family.


April 26 will be the 21st annual classic car show here in Seal Beach.  It’s always an exciting event to see these exciting vintage autos – especially the muscle cars from the 60’s.  For locals, it’s just a walk of couple of blocks to Main Street to see these classics.  And it all fits.  What was the “coming of age” movie set in the 60’s that included a scene of Main Street?  American Graffiti – right?

There is also a Pinewood Derby held as part of the day’s festivities. 

Look me up on the 26th.  I’m right on Main Street.

Seal Beach real estate does have its advantages.

I just realized that I have never mentioned rentals on my blog.  Obviously, I always hope that we can do business together by your letting me help you find a home here in Seal Beach or Belmont Shore.  But I wanted to let you know that I also have a couple of rentals.  You can see those at my website www.pathaleonline.com.

Both are located in the Old Town section of Seal Beach.  They are both 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Let me know if you’d like to see them.


Pat invited me to post my thoughts about PCH.

One of the things that I have enjoyed since moving to Seal Beach is driving south on PCH from Seal Beach as far as I want.  From Seal Beach you can go to Dana Point, then through Capistrano Beach, and into San Clemente.  Eventually you run out of PCH until you can pick it up again in Oceanside.  The marine base interrupts this route.

It’s a relaxing drive and sometimes this is the only thing that allows me to reduce my day-to-day stress.  When I have the time, I enjoy going all the way to San Clemente.  But that’s a rare occurance.

The “magic” of PCH is the ocean itself.  Forty five minutes to Dana Point and another twenty to San Clemente.  Along the way are the beach communities, towns, or areas (whatever they prefer to call their stretch of the beach) of Sunset, Huntington (“Surf City”), Newport, Corona Del Mar, Crystal Cove, the Montage Resort (this is not an area – it’s a resort hotel), Laguna, Ritz Carlton (another upscale destination), Dana Point, Capo Beach, and San Clemente.  Each has its unique character.  And all of it is good.

Along some of these stretches the water is immediately to the right and almost always in view.  In Surf City you can watch the surfers.  Their pier is one happening place.  There is always foot traffic.  At the foot of the pier you can sometimes find kiosks with merchants selling their wares.  Santa Barbara is about the only other place where they have street merchants regularly. 

Further south, the beaches and waters around Crystal Cove are absolutely stunning.  The water is just more blue than anywhere else along the Orange County coast.  And it’s relatively uncrowded.  There used to be a mobile home park right along the beach that the state confiscated and turned into an upscale state park (think expensive and six month reservations).  Above the beaches along that stretch is the old “Date Shake” stand (where they served date shakes) – now affiliated with Ruby’s.  If it’s not too crowded, it’s a nice place to stop for an enjoyable meal.  Be sure to take your time here, enjoy your meal, and enjoy the coast.   It’s beautiful. 

I always imagined driving PCH listening to Miles Davis or John Coltrane but the excitement along the way is better suited for good ol’ rock and roll – you know, Chuck Berry or Creedance Clearwater.  If I ever do PCH late enough, I’ll try the jazz.

On my next post, I’ll tell you about one of my favorite spots on PCH.

Contributed by an anonymous friend.

Today was the annual 5K / 10K run through Seal Beach.  There was also a 1K run for youngsters to kick things off.  Locals had the slight inconvenience of our Old Town streets being closed to traffic for about an hour in the morning.  For everyone, there was more than enough fun to go around.

It seemed like the 5K runners were just starting their run when the leaders of the pack were about ready to finish the course.  And while many 5K runners were still on the course, the first of the 10K runners was crossing the finish line.  The names of the winners (plus the many who won in their age brackets) will remain anonymous. 

The city planners and volunteers did a great job keeping crowds under control, traffic in check, and the festivities going.  Thanks to many from Los Alamitos High School who kept the “fun zone” for the kids safe for the young competitors.

The day began with the 1K for the youngsters.  They were really pouring out their hearts in their efforts to finish the race.  One youngster, Ember, when interviewed, said that “my father told me to run at our planned pace”. 

Seal Beach enjoyed its first springtime event.  The next one is the car show later in the month.  Then it’s the Wednesday music events in the summer month.  It’s nice to live here!  It’s a happy time for all residents.


www.dqnews.com published their February statistics several days ago.  The format that I like is the one that shows the number of single family homes sold, the median price, and the median price per square foot. 

Seal Beach real estate showed for February :

9 single family homes sold, with a median price of $803,000.  This is a 0.3% drop from one year ago.

The median sales price is $467 / square foot.

By comparison, condominiums increased 2.5% in their median price.

I’ve been saying for a while now that Seal Beach real estate is holding its value well.  Everything has slipped, certainly, but not as dramatically as other neighborhoods.  Anytime would be a good time to buy.

Being centered in Seal Beach provides us with convenient access to one of most scenic and exciting drives around – PCH (the Pacific Coast Highway).  I take this drive often when I’m feeling the need to just get out and relax!  With a dozen or so Starbucks stores along PCH within 45 minutes, there’s even time to sip a latte and enjoy a good book for a few minutes.

From Seal Beach and headed north, I actually take 2nd Street so I can drive through Belmont Shore. 

Lined for several blocks with unique shops and restaurants, Belmont Shore is a good one day destination.  2nd Street is a couple of blocks from the ocean, but if you don’t mind that, then you’ll will enjoy nice weather, crowds, a variety of eating places, and two Starbucks stores.  My favorite shopping destination there is Banana Republic.  I normally just look (I save my money for the restaurants here).

What’s your favorite store?

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