December 22 was the first day of winter for 2007-08.  That was Saturday and it was mild in Seal Beach.  We had a temperature high in the low 60’s.  There was no snow on the ground and no major storms drenching the community.

We took a walk along the strand and to the pier.  We visited with some friends by the children’s play area (adjacent to the pier) who brought their 2 year old daughter to play on the slide and swings.  From the pier, we watched the waves come in.  The low tide kept the surfers away.  Even the skim boarders were off doing something else.

I noticed 4 or 5 photographers with their gear in the area where the skim boarders normally operate.  The sunlight and clouds cast interesting light patterns across the ocean.  It made me wish I had brought my camera to capture the scene.

That was the first day of winter in Seal Beach.   Did I miss the snow?  NO!