Because of my experience with the Seal Beach real estate market, I thought I would share recent updates on the real estate situation here.   There are two helpful statistics when comparing different communities – the median sales price and the average sales price per square foot.

Here are those figures (median sales price and average price per square foot respectively) based on October 2007 as reported by

90740 Seal Beach $948K (+ 1.8%) and $476

90814 Belmont Shore $645K (+ 7.1%) and $508

These figures show that even in this down market, the Seal Beach real estate market is hold its own.  Overall, prices have slipped in Seal Beach and properties are on the market far longer than we have experienced recently.  However, there has only been one foreclosure which is a far cry from what many doomsday analysts are reporting.

What does this mean for those interested in buying a piece of Seal Beach real estate?  There is favorable pricing and good selection.  In other words, this is a good time to buy.

I’ll post updates on Seal Beach real market from time-to-time.