The strandWhen we wrote the post the other day about our fire, we mentioned “the strand”.  Since this is one of our favorite places, I thought I should tell you about it.  This is a 7-block walkway adjacent to the ocean facing homes south of the Seal Beach pier.  It runs between Electric Ave/Seal Beach Blvd and the parking lot south of the pier. 

Once we discovered this beach pathway, we have been on many walks along this strand.  And we found it was a safe place to practice roller blading.  I felt bad for the other pedestrians who had to hustle out of the way of my almost out-of-control skating.   I took my bike down there once.  But the best way to experience the beach is to simply walk this stretch.  Houses are on one side, the sand and ocean on the other.   

Strands are not unique to Seal Beach.  Many coastal communities have them.  Here it is relatively uncrowded except for some of the summer months.  So a walk here is a quiet and reflective time.

When we walk the strand – we’ve found the early morning and evenings to be the most pleasant times – I am captivated by the sounds.  Ocean surf.  People enjoying conversation on their patios.  A little bit of traffic from Ocean Blvd.  Birds (sometimes this freaks me out because it reminds me of that Alfred Hitchcock movie).  And all of this with views of the pier.

I wish I could tell you that this is where I do my best thinking – reflecting on the meaning of life and the quest for world peace.  But what I really do is do nothing.  I just simply enjoy – and I’m revitalized by what I experience and am ready for whatever happens next.  And isn’t that the best thing?!

Call me at my office if you’d like to join me on one of these walks.