Fire in Seal BeachUPDATED: 12/16; 12/28

UPDATE: The fire was contained to the second floor of 212 Main Street.  The cause of the fire was an electrical failure in the attic.  It caused about $1 million in structural damage and about $500,000 to the contents of the building.  About 50 firefighters were dispatched to assist in the fire.

We took a walk to Main Street last night.  It was on the cool side – some might even say cold – for Seal Beach.  We walked along the strand which is one of more pleasant walks in town.  We just arrived by the pier when we saw the fire trucks a block or two up Main Street.  We had heard the sirens a few minutes earlier.

By the time we reached the intersection of Main Street and Central, we could see that the structure north of the Bank of America was engulfed in fire.  We could see flames coming through the roof and lots of smoke.  The Seal Beach fire department engines and other vehicles were around the building.  Since the road was blocked we couldn’t get around to the front side to see which business(es) were impacted.

For the next fifteen or so minutes we saw helicopters overhead and more sirens coming towards us – not all of them fire engines.

According to the Orange County Fire Authority, this was a three-alarm fire that caused $1 million in structure damage and $500,000 to contents in the building.  The fire was contained to the second floor and the bottom floor suffered water damage only.  There were no injuries.

Home Loan Online, Guitar Lessons, and RSVP LLC Events and Tours were located on the second floor.  D’Vine Boutique and Excellent Nails and Spa were on the bottom floor.