Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Let’s go surfing
High tide today (at least according to one local TV station) was scheduled at approximately 6:00 am.  We walked to the berm and everything was dry on the residential side of the berm.  That’s a good thing. 

On the ocean side we found a few dozen surfers enjoying the higher-than-normal surf.  Surfers here prefer the north side of the pier – but today they were on the south side.  The surf was breaking closer to the shore so most of the rides were shorter but much more thrilling than they normally are.

We had expected much higher surf conditions but those may come later in the day. 

Weather reports have been predicting high surf conditions since yesterday.  Large ocean surf with possible 14-foot breakers is expected through Wednesday and heavy rain is forecast to arrive Thursday.

Seal Beach builds a twelve foot sand berm annually to protect residences south of the pier from the surf.  The low-lying areas are also supported by two pump stations.  Five foot high tides on Wednesday make this interesting.

The city has also been passing out sandbags to residents and has activated a reverse 911 system warning of high surf and tides. 

The waves are the result of a strong storm in the Pacific Northwest.  The storm, which is also responsible for rainy weather across Washington and Oregon, is expected to reach Southern California by Thursday or Friday and could bring more than an inch of rain.